What If You Could Help Every Client That Needs Your Care?

You Can. Your Clients Need Financial Solutions That Allow Them To


Financial Solutions Your Clients Don't Know Exist
(The Key To Unlocking YOUR Long-Term Clients)
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Wouldn't it be great if everyone needing the quality care you provide could afford it? 

Quality Care

Financial Solutions 

Your Financial Care Specialist

Creates Unique & proprietary strategies to extend assets → facilitating the individual to STAY and continue to PAY!

Financial Care Specialists create unique, financial solutions for clients needing your care... Allowing Them To PAY And AFFORD To STAY

As A BuzzBenefits Exchange Member

YOU get real time, on-demand access to an elite network of licensed, knowledgeable Financial Care Specialists on stand-by, ready to create solutions tailored specifically to your clients’ unique need and the financial obligation needed for your care. 

How Do We Do It?

Be Your Clients Care Hero

Young business people with lifebuoy on white background

A Financial Care LifeSaver

When your clients need a Financial Care LifeSaver… We’re here. 

  • Can't Afford Care

  • Can't Afford To Continue Care

  • Unexpected Financial Events

  • Adult Children Covering The Cost Of Care

  • And SO Much More

Your Financial Care Specialist Can:

  • Create Financial Solutions Based On Unique Need

  • Educational Presentations At Your Facility

  • Meet Your Clients In Person & Virtually


Financial Care Specialist

The Benefits Exchange Network

Resources At Your Fingertips

As a member of the BuzzBenefits Exchange, you get to arm your clients with a wealth of additional resources, available to them and their families 24/7. YOUR BenefitsExchange portal comes packed with tons of educational resources… like video explainers, FREE virtual web-conferencing, scheduling and more!

Video Explainers

300+ Short, Educational Video's For Your Clients & Their Families To Better Understand What Options Are Available To Them. 

Get Started

Like These & So Many More!

Estate Planning

LTC Annuity

Living Trust

LTC Life

What Costs Are Involved?

NONE! Joining the Exchange is completely free to your facility!

So, We Registered - What Next?

After registration, you get your own webpage full of resources, your unique QR code and access to all the advisors in your area. Your webpage allows you to set up a meeting on their calendar, ask questions, instant web conferencing and more!

How Quickly Will An Advisor Respond?

All advisors have their calendar linked to your facilities web page. You can view their calendar, send a message and chat during any of their available hours.

Do The Advisors Come To Us?

Yes, all advisors can visit the facility and are more than happy to participate in presentations and one-on-one visits!

Who Can Be Helped?

Each advisor has a survey, simply answer the questions and get an instant response. 

With Just A Few Quick Questions, Our Advisors Can Determine If A Unique Solution Is On The Horizon.

Get Started

Create Your Account → You’re Financial Care Specialists Are Standing By

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