CRM, Client Success & Software Platforms


ALL BuzzBox Marketing memberships come with a pre-built, integrated marketing CRM, connected to their mini-site (and main site for clients who have both). MiniSite’s include 335,000 emails per month – a built in webinar program and much more!

Marketing CRM's

Set up an appointment with a BuzzBox representative to see which platform best suites your needs. Looking to have a full build? Call us!

Social & SMS CRM's

BuzzBox offers a wide variety of integrated Social media management platforms, MMS & SMS → need CX integration? We’ve got you covered there too!

Industry Specific Platforms

We’ve integrated leading platforms for distribution, inventory, HR, sales, EMS, marketing and so much more into services & BuzzBox Agency client builds. Set up a meeting to learn more!

RetirementView Software

Advisor packages now come with the industries most comprehensive retirement planning software for financial professionals; RetirementView by TorridTechnologies. Set up a meeting to learn more and add to your toolkits!


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