Scalable eCommerce Made Easy

More Than The Basics Included
Add an easy-to-use, all-in-one eCommerce store to your site. Includes up to 100 SKUs, as well as a Shop, Cart, and Checkout page for your websites.
POS Integration
Enjoy an unlimited number of SKUs, an increase to 10gb file size for digital products, and an integration with your in-house point-of-sale (POS) system.
Integrated Inventory
Simple and effective software to help you manage your business’ inventory, customers, procurement, manufacturing and sales.
Distribution Inventory Management

Our premier software consists of 7 modules that help our customers manager their: Inventory, Customers, Sales, Procurement, Fulfilment, Ecommerce and Manufacturing needs.

  • Inventory management
    • You can manage their inventory quantities, prices, dimensions, preferred vendors, lots, notes and much more
    • Enter your product information to the system and we will automatically populate your eCommerce portal
  • Customer resource management
    • All customer contact information in one place
    • View customer’s order history
    • Store and edit all of your  customer’s contact information, addresses, notes, socials, quotes and order histories
  • eCommerce
    • Streamline your sales process by utilizing our B2B eCommerce Portal.
    • Our portal automatically updates our client’s inventory and sales when an online order is placed.
    • Online sales can be processed online with a P.O. and terms.
  • Sales
    • You can manage your quotes, orders and invoicing all with our software.
    • Within the platform, you can manage payment processing, and online payment methods
  • Manufacturing
    • You can create and manage multiple recipes
    • Automate stock fill
    • Add as many manufacturing steps as needed to a proccess
  • Procurement
    • You can keep track of all their requisitions, vendors and purchase orders.
    • Assign a lot number to procured inventory
  • Fulfilment
    • Keep track of all of your shipping needs within one place
  • Financials
    • Link all of your pertinent financial information to your QuickBooks online account to make your client’s taxes less of a hassle

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