What Is A Listing?

A business listing is an online profile that contains information about your business (like the Yellow Pages). Consumers can discover these profiles on sites like Google and Facebook, and then use them to learn more about your business.

Why Do Listings Matter?
Consumers depend on accurate listings when searching for a local businesses online. Incorrect business listings lead to lost sales opportunities, frustrated consumers, a rankings. In fact, 73% of consumers stated that they lose trust in a brand shows incorrect information. Therefore, accurate listings are considered t component of the local marketing stack.

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Your customers rely on accurate listings when they are trying to find your business online. Scan, report, manage and correct all your business listings online through one portal and help optimize your business on search engines with accurate information

  • Correct and manage all your online listings in one place with listing sync
  • Analyze where you are found currently and opportunities to expand your reach to new customers
  • Build your online presence and contact information to assure you’re everywhere you need to be
  • Access to valuable customer activity through Google Insights for your Google My Business listing
  • Boost your search rankings with business information accuracy and growth of listings

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